The Comparison Chart

Ever wonder how the HOTdish Chafers and Accessories compare to the traditional chafers on the market?

Check out this list and then download the Cost Comparison worksheet and see how HOTdish hands down saves you money in virtually any application.




standard chafer


deluxe rolltop


HOTdish Chafer


deluxe HOTdish Chafer 

with Formal Wear

Point of



How much storage space for 6 chafers?

 9 cubic feet   12 cubic feet   Less than
1 cubic foot
 3 cubic feet

How many chafers can  a single person carry at one time?

 1  1  12  6

 Fuel needed for 1 HOUR BUFFET?

 2 cans
2 hr. gel fuel

 2 cans  
2 hr. gel fuel
 1 can
1 hr gel fuel
 1 can
1 hr gel fuel

 How much water is required to operate each chafer?

 12 cups   12 cups 1 1/8 cups  1 1/8 cups

 How long can I let it run

before I need to add water?

 1 hr.   1 hr.   6 hrs.  6 hrs.

Can I use disposable pans?

How long does it take to set up 6 chafing dishes?

25 Min. 35 Min. 5 Min. 5 Min.

How long do I have to wait before I can hold food safe temperatures?

25 minutes to boil the water in the water pan

25 minutes to boil the water in the water pan

Holds Instantly! Holds Instantly!

Does it have built-in wind protection?

Is it available in colors?


Can it be washed in the dishwasher?

(drapes = machine washable)

Will it make me more money?

Yes, saves enough in fuel, storage space, maintenance, 
and time to pay for itself!

Yes, provides the same
savings as the
HOTdish Chafer
and with 
a fancier appearance, allows you to charge more for your meals.