The best way to communicate the value of Hotdish Products is through the words and voices of our customers.  


“We love these chafers. They store so easily and set up so quickly. You couldn’t pay me to go back to using any other chafer!”

Dawn Brittain - Distinctive Events
Farmington, MN


It (the Hotdish Chafer) is so good at what it does.  Honestly, its engineering at it’s best! 

Brad Stewart - Captain Curt’s Sarasota, FL


If you’re working outdoors or in tents like we do for many of our events (we specialize in BBQs), these chafers work so well you never have to worry about enclosing the flame.

We were just at an event where the conditions were rough, 30-40 mph wind, we were all set up in a tent, but that didn’t help much. We found out the other caterers at the event were serving up cold food because their chafers couldn’t hold the heat, meanwhile we were using the HOTdish chafers and all of our food stayed hot the entire time.

We also love the fact that in less than 5 minutes we can have our table set up and food out to serve because we don’t need to waste any time heating water like those other chafers.

Another thing that’s remarkable, and almost unbelievable is the space that they don’t take up... you can fit 6 whole chafers in such a small space they can go anywhere.

Clayton Head - Head Country Barbecue

Oklahoma City, OK




These are just a few comments from some of our many satisfied customers
“ I have used these chafers on over one hundred jobs and have never been disappointed, I especially like how they tuck away for storage. Keep up the good work!”
Greg, ---Dalseth Catering , Chicago, Ill.
“We started out using them for emergency purposes because they fit behind the seats in our catering trucks, we liked them so much we now use them as our primary chafers. The skirt and cover add a nice touch.”
Rhonda M.-------- Salisburie’s Fine Dining, LaFayette, Ind.
“ Since I started using your chafers I’ve got much more room in my catering vehicles, sometimes the room I save allows me to take 1 less truck to a job”
Warren --- Warren’s Wild Cookout--- Thousand Oaks, California

We saw the product online and thought that it would be perfect for outfitting one of our mobile vehicles. While we served those in need in the wake of Super Storm Sandy, we were able to take our mobile units to serve Thanksgiving dinner near New Orleans for those who’d been affected by Hurricane Isaac. We fed thousands of people and it was absolutely perfect! Not only was it a huge space saver, it worked so incredibly well keeping the food hot!

Gary LeBlanc - Mercy Chefs
Portsmouth, VA

I use the HOTdish Chafer for our big holiday dinners with the family..By far it is the coolest looking dish on the table. I never worry about taking up space in the oven, and I don’t even need to find a plug in. Our dish is always the hottest thing on the table.

Emily L. - Home User 
Minneapolis, MN