How do you define elegance?

To the professional caterer it means good looks, durability and simplicity of design.

At HOTdish Products we build and sell elegant equipment.
Beautiful, strong and easy to use.
You’ll be proud to have us at your table.

Welcome to HOTdish Products! 

If you are already familiar with our products go ahead and click HERE to order the chafers you know and love.

If you are just finding us, take a look around and we're sure you'll be ready to replace your old chafers in no time. The HOTdish chafer is windproof with integral windguards, it's sturdy yet easily collapses and stacks and is designed to take up only a fraction of the space of traditional chafers.  But that's not all, there's even more...don't miss out on the HOTdish Advantages.

Let us help you put a HOTdish on your table.