What PANS should I use with the HOTdish Chafer?

It is important to have the right pans for the job.

The Hotdish system is designed to take advantage of the properties of ALUMINUM FOIL PANS. The aluminum material itself transfers heat much more efficiently than stainless steel. It allows you to heat your food more quickly, consistently and while using far less water than a traditional system.

Aluminum foil means a clean presentation with every dish. No more dented pans that resist heat transfer!

Each presentation is 100% clean, no more embarassing moments when you find the dishwasher didn't get the bbq out of the corner of the stainless steel pans, or when they get beat up and dented after the first couple uses.  

The HOTdish Chafing dish system is designed to work with a specific sized aluminum foil pan.

HOTdish Chafer Full Size Deep
Depth: 3 1/8" "Top Outside": 20 3/4" x 12.81"
343 Fl. oz
HOTdish Mini Chafer Half Size Deep
Depth: 2 9/16" "Top Outside": 12 3/4" x 10 3/8" 
128 Fl. oz.

Pans to meet these specifications are readily available both online and at commercial and retail establishments.

  • Handi-Foil America: Full Size (HFA-2901) and Half Size (HFA-321) Deep style. 
  • Pactiv: (PDF Spec Chart)

Where can I find PANS for the HOTdish Chafer?

Although we do not currently sell the aluminum foil pans through our site, you may find these pans in the following locations: 

IMPORTANT: Do NOT use stainless steel serving pans or water pans, this will result in fire hazard due to increased heat reflected to surrounding surfaces and may cause damage to serving surfaces or injury to users.