Catering Tips

Using the HOTdish Chafer to Rethermalize!

When rethermalizing food for service at a catering job, instead of heating beans, corn, gravy or shredded meats with your limited grill space, use your HOTdish Chafers! 

Simply put these items in the HOTdish Chafer, cover them with foil and heat onsite. Depending on what you are heating, it will take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 ½ hrs to reach serving temperature. Meanwhile, you can use that grill space for the ribs or steaks. Just follow the instructions supplied with your HOTdish Chafer for rethermalization.

Happy Catering!



Working with foil pans: From fast prep to quality presentation.

If you've never worked with foil pans before, you may be surprised at how easy and clean this practice will make your buffet service. When we were catering, we found this was the best way to go, hands down. 

With Hotdish Products, gone are the days of those flimsy foil presentations in wire racks and unsightly serving lines.  

Light weight and clean every time you won't risk a customer finding barbecue sauce stuck in the corners of your stainless pans as they serve themselves potato salad.  You know you've washed them, but somehow this happens and it can leave the wrong impression.  

You know that as a caterer, there's nothing so important as the details.   

When preparing food for an event, simply use the proper sized pan (half-sized for full) and cover with a corresponding foil lid.

Place the prepared container in the cooler cart to await loading just before leaving.  For those who haven't worked with foil pans before, it is often a question: "now, how do I store those full foil pans without stacking them?"  The answer is quite simple once you've done it. Use the plastic lids for the full size food containers to create a shelf within the end-loader or the rolling cart.  This provides a shelf for the full foil pan to sit on without risking any deformation.

These lids can be taken out and cleaned in the dishwasher same as the HOTdish - So simple!