HOTdish Mini Magic Treats


Can you believe it?! Designed for caterers, but perfect for the home as well! This year, for the family cookie bake, I decided to make one of my favorite cookies of all time and found I could use the HOTdish Mini to make them perfectly.

Usually, I end up with almond bark that cools too quickly after taking it off of the stove or out of the microwave. If I do leave it on the stove, I'm fighting with my fellow cookie bakers for space near the oven, not to mention I'm not often near a convenient place to cool the cookies.

The HOTdish makes this sensational treat uber convenient - I can make these cookies right at the dining room table with all the room in the world.

Hope you enjoy making your own holiday treats!


    • HOTdish Mini
    • 2 Half Sized Foil Pans
    • 5/8 cup water
    • 1 can of fuel (will last approximately 1 hour depending on fuel type)
    • Waxed Paper
    • plastic food preparation gloves (optional, but recommended)
    • spoon ( to stir the mixture)
    • hot pads (safety first! always a good idea to have hot pads when working with heated food)

Basic Ingredients: (for coating approximately 60 sandwich cookies)

    • sandwich cookies/crackers/pretzels (2 x 18 oz. packages of chocolate sandwich cookies)
    • almond bark (2 x 24 oz. packages Vanilla flavored)
    • mint extract to taste (2 teaspoons)
    • favorite festive food coloring + sprinkles and toppings of your choice


    1. Set up the HOTdish Mini chafer 
    2. Place a single can of chafing fuel in the heat channel directly in the center
    3. Prepare two half sized foil pans; In one half foil pan place the almond bark, in the second half foil pan place 5/8 cup of water and set aside.
    4. Lay out enough waxed paper on a flat surface near the HOTdish Mini to accommodate a single batch of cookies (This will be where you will place the cookies to collect their decorations and to cool)

"Make" the Cookies

    1. Melt the almond bark - Place the foil pan containing the almond bark directly into the HOTdish Mini chafer set up. Melting should begin immediately, stir until completely melted. (approximately 5 minutes)
    2. Add the mint extract and festive food coloring of your choice - be sure to stir thoroughly.
    3. Create a "double boiler" - Now that the almond bark has been melted, with hot pads or work gloves, temporarily remove the melted almond bark pan from the HOTdish - place the second half sized foil pan with the water in the HOTdish and return the half sized foil pan with the melted almond bark to the system. This is not necessary if you continually stir the melted mixture, however it will result in more even heating.
    4. Begin dipping your favorite sandwich cookies, crackers, or pretzels into the melted minty almond bark. Tip: I find it helps to have light plastic food prep gloves to keep my hands from getting too messy.
    5. Lay each cookie flat on the waxed paper next to your HOTdish Mini
    6. If desired, before cooling sprinkle or place decorations over the delicious little nuggets.

They freeze well - so make them early and wrap them up for each of your holiday parties. They also make great quick, thoughtful gifts for your friends and family. Very simple, but fabulously tasty.

Variation: Peanut Butter cracker sandwiches dipped in chocolate flavored almond bark.